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The SeaMorgens Sisters

SeaMorgens was developed by two sisters who are not only ocean enthusiasts but are also passionate about conserving the marine environment (and in turn, the planet). Originally from the UK, we have spent a lot of time in Asia, where it's easy to see first hand the effect single use plastics have both on the earth and marine environments.

As scuba divers, free divers and (terrible!) surfers we wanted to create a swimwear range for fellow sea lovers that is fun, comfortable, supportive and environmentally conscious towards the oceans. With this in mind we only use fabrics made from recycled fishing nets, (unlike most swimwear companies, who actually produce fabric with new plastics and in the process produce lots of marine micro plastics).

We will also avoid any type of plastic fastenings and packaging that cannot be recycled. We don't believe the answer in life is to stop using plastics, we just believe that with swimwear it can be avoided!

We hope you enjoy shopping and hope even more you purchase some of our marine inspired swimwear. Our dream is that as our business grows we can concentrate more on financially helping ocean conservation efforts. 

With love from our team at SeaMorgens