The Seashells Collection


Do you find swimwear with ocean prints a bit limited? We at SeaMorgens did, that's why we designed our unique ocean inspired seashells print. To help you stand out from the crowd when out at sea.


Ocean lovers will fall for this turquoise water colour we have used for this print which is complemented by the smooth and soft feel of our recycled plastic fabrics. The print is adorned with beautiful seashells as well as intricate ocean corals, all encompassed in a mermaids scales. This one is for all you women whose hearts belong in the water.


The seashells print was created due to having so many inspirational pictures and drawings of different seashells and corals, and of course we wanted to use them all. Shells and corals are just so damn pretty! We experimented with A LOT of different ways to bring them together, before falling in love with this one.


After testing, getting feedback and making tweaks, here it is. We hope you enjoy wearing this in the ocean where it was made to be. 

The Seashells Collection features the cross back bikini top and the cross bikini bottoms. For more Information on the products just click on the product image below.