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Ocean Collection

Do you love Seahorses, Angelfish, Coral reef, Nudibranchs, Butterflyfish and Triggerfish and could not possibly choose which one you want on your swimwear? Fear not, you can have all of them with our ocean print. This one was created for every girl that likes a staple white bikini with a twist in her wardrobe.
The Ocean print is a mix of different wonders of the sea, all tied together nicely with some blue ocean waves to give an overall striped effect and complemented with a crisp brilliant white background. This combined with the smooth and soft feel of the eco friendly recycled fabric finishes off this look perfectly.
This print is where SeaMorgens all began, back when it was not even a pipe dream, when our designer Michelle used to make her own bikinis. Having a partner that is a graphic designer, it was only natural one day she would receive a birthday present in the form of her very own first print. This is how the Ocean print was founded and therefore it holds a very special place in our hearts.
This print was tweaked and refined 3 times before we settled with it like it is now. Next time you go to sea, take our ocean recycled plastic bikini with you.