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Mermaids Collection

Looking for an underwater mermaid scene that is completely rare and unique? You have landed in the right place. Our mermaids collection offers all of those qualities. Teamed with the fact that it is complemented by our recycled plastic fabrics, its the perfect ocean friendly partner on your next sea going voyage.
The collection background is a collage of intricate sea fan corals with accents of delicate seashells and brittle stars. The main features are two hand drawn mermaids, with some subtle white and red highlights to emphasise certain areas and give depth to the print. Finally the anchor and ship wheel give this collection a tattoo, pin up style twist.
Mermaids was without a doubt our most challenging design. It has undergone some unrecognisable transformations from the original idea. There was A LOT of work and love that went into this print to achieve what we wanted without it being too childish. We had to overcome many obstacles to find the right balance of ocean warrior mermaid and inner child, fun loving mermaid.
After many tests and fails at getting this print to where it is today, we are proud to offer our Mermaids swimwear collection to all you nautical ocean soul sisters out there.