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Manta Ray Collection


The Manta Ray collection was born out of sheer love for these gentle giants. If you too love manta rays, want to support ray research and conservation as well as want to wear ocean friendly and sustainable fashion, then this print is for you. 


This manta collage incorporates manta ray drawings made from photographs taken by us, exhibiting many of their graceful and majestic movements. The subtle but beautiful backdrop is of fan corals to give an added texture to our otherwise soft and smooth recycled plastic fabrics. 


You know when you have so many lovely photographs of something and you want to do great things with them and use them all? This is exactly what happened with this print. It is also the reason why this print took the longest to design. We experimented a lot with this print, then tested it, then changed it and then repeated that again and again until we rested on this print. We also may have also ended up with another manta print in our collection due to this problem. 


Once we eventually finalised this print, it only made sense to have Marine Megafauna Foundation as our featured charity, so we can give something back to these beautiful animals that inspire us so much. Imagine wearing this manta print on your next ocean excursion, knowing that you contributed to marine science and conservation when purchasing your swimwear.