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Manta Silhouettes Collection


Are you constantly intrigued by new and fun ways you can help protect the ocean? Try our Manta Silhouettes collection, Its made from recycled and regenerated fishing nets and plastic bottles. It also has manta rays and corals on it and is the colour of the ocean. Did we mention this print is unique to our brand... what more could you want from your swimwear?


Turquoise manta rays laid on an ocean blue background, makes this swimwear print a beautiful and more understated alternative to the green manta print. An intricate coral background finishes the print off perfectly giving a more textured look to our soft and smooth recycled plastic fabrics.


We literally cannot get enough of manta rays and that’s why we had to have a second manta print, we simply could not decide on one. The background of this print is where the hard work came in, an elaborate tangle of corals, sea grass and kelp, all intertwined in this gorgeous artwork.


From first testing of this print it was a hit. People love the fact that they did not realise the print was of mantas at first, claiming ‘I could not see the mantas at all at first, but now I can, I cannot unsee it’.

The Silhouettes Collection features the wrap top, cross front top, three strap bottoms and cross bottoms. For more information on each product simply click the picture below.