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A Tale Of Two Big C's

The past year has been interesting for everybody to say the least. Just 8 months after launching SeaMorgens, along came Covid 19 and I knew this was going to be very bad for my new business and the plans I had been putting into place since before the launch. However what became quickly obvious to me from the start of the pandemic was how the virus was destroying, if not taking, peoples lives and it taught me to appreciate how lucky I am to have what I do. A lesson I’m glad has stuck with me throughout my journey the past year, as I have needed to remind myself of it at times. A few months after hearing the words...

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How Kristal ‘Ocean’ Ambrose became a Plastic Warrior (and how she started a plastic pollution revolution)

There is plastic in paradise. Kristal Ambrose, a self-proclaimed plastic warrior from the small island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, is waging a war on it.  In the space of seven years she has started The Bahamas Plastic Movement; received an Environmental Youth Leader award from the Government of The Bahamas and managed to get single-use plastic banned throughout its seven hundred islands. In November 2020 she also won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize. Not bad for someone who had never had a desire to teach or study. I first met her when she was just seventeen years old and a local snorkel guide at a dive company where I worked. She was a smart and kind-hearted teenager with an...

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